Refunds Policy

Published on April 6, 2024 is committed to the prosperity of its esteemed clients. We tirelessly execute hands-on growth campaigns to ensure the utmost levels of progress achievable.
While we allocate equal time to all campaigns within each plan category, the degree of growth can significantly differ based on our client’s niche, content quality, content quantity, and the targeting parameters provided. For instance, we may observe marginally superior outcomes from a photographer’s account compared to that of an accountancy firm. The photographer is inclined to share numerous high-quality images, thus experiencing a relatively faster growth rate.
Considering the substantial effort invested in all our campaigns, refunds are provided on a case-by-case basis. Nonetheless, we retain the right to decline refund requests. Credits are subject to approval by our Customer Success team and will be issued once authorized. Prior to credit issuance, you will have the option to continue receiving followers or likes rather than halting delivery. Opting for credit entails receiving an electronic voucher via email, valued at the original order amount. Think of this credit as a virtual voucher to be redeemed at your convenience. The credit remains valid for 1 year from the date of issuance and can be utilized across any of our products. It comes with a unique redemption code to be entered in our 'discount code' section. You have the flexibility to use your credit for yourself or transfer it to someone else.